Listed Top 11 Electric Vehicle Companies in India

India saw impressive growth in electric vehicles, with the EV market reaching US$ 404 Million this year! EVs provide a wealth of conveniences – from being sustainable and easy to use to offering noise-free travel experiences for passengers and zero carbon emissions. Moreover, they can optimize performance while reducing harmful exhaust fumes typically found in fuel-based transportation models. It’s no surprise why these eco-friendly forms of transit have become increasingly popular as reliable and cost-effective ways to get around India – making it easier to stay green on the go than ever!

Top Indian Electric Vehicle Companies and Manufacturers

Ampere Vehicles Private Limited (Greaves Cotton Limited)
For over ten years, Ampere Vehicle has been revolutionizing the Indian electric vehicle industry with its energy-efficient and sustainable transportation solutions. Their recent venture with Greaves Cotton Limited of Bengaluru Karnataka is a testament to their commitment to driving India’s green initiatives – from manufacturing to delivery; they guarantee each customer superior quality and performance in every New Age Power source Energy Solution for modern India.’ As a result of their exemplary product excellence & consumer satisfaction standards, Ampere continues as an inspiring exemplar of success!
Ather Energy Pvt Ltd
Since 2013, Ather Energy Pvt Ltd has been revolutionizing the two-wheeler transportation industry in India with its first-rate electric scooters. Based in Bangalore, the company provides progressive goods such as their signature models –the Ather 450X and Ather 450 Plus– complemented by a public/private charging infrastructure plus inventive ownership plans to transform regular commuting for Indians. Ather Energy Pvt Ltd is revolutionizing the global transportation industry with its groundbreaking, smart, and connected electric scooters. Customers have applauded these products for their high-quality materials and locally wrought features. To further make electrically powered transportation more accessible to everyone, Ather plans on rapidly extending into 50 Indian cities by month’s end!
Atul Auto Limited
Established in 1986, Atul Auto Limited has quickly solidified itself as one of India’s leading three-wheeler commercial vehicle companies. Its headquarters is in Rajkot, Gujarat, and boasts an impressive network of dealerships across 21 states with 330 networks (200 primary & 130 secondaries) and 600 global touchpoints! Atul Auto is leading the way in offering reliable commercial vehicles worldwide. With a huge dealership and sales network, they have an outstanding selection of three-wheelers powered by diesel, petrol, CNG, LPG, or electric fuel sources – you name it! Their cutting-edge collection ensures that Atul Auto has got you covered, whatever your preference may be.
Bajaj Auto Limited (Bajaj Group)
With humble beginnings in 1945, Bajaj Auto Ltd has since grown to become an international powerhouse of two-wheeled transportation. After seventy years as India’s foremost provider of motorcycles and auto rickshaws, they are now taking steps to revolutionize their lineup with state-of-the-art sports bikes and scooters! With booming success across 70 countries worldwide, it is clear that this time-honored company has done more than enough to prove itself – leaving no doubt that its status as a market leader will continue for generations!
Electrotherm (India) Ltd.
Since its inception in 1983, Electrotherm (India) Ltd. has expanded to become one of the preeminent electrical and electronics engineering conglomerates based in Gujarat, India. Their range of businesses encompasses various areas, such as engineering & technologies, steel & pipes, electric vehicles, renewables, and the production of transformers and transmission line towers. It is of little surprise that Electrotherm (India) Ltd. spearheaded the first wave of electric vehicles in India, manufacturing battery-powered two-wheelers and three-wheelers for individual and commercial use with their YObykes model. This eco-friendly form of transportation has been well-received as a viable option by individuals and companies alike.
Hero Electric Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. (Hero Eco Group)
Since 1993, Hero Electric has been the leader of its industry and has taken up residence in Gurugram, Haryana, India. As a diversified company with an expansive arsenal of products, including electric bikes, e-cycles, and scooters for worldwide consumers, it is hard to overlook their achievements! Constructed with immense attention to detail and accuracy, Hero Electric’s Ludhiana manufacturing facility supplies high-quality two-wheeler products at an amazing speed. To ensure consumers receive only the best quality product possible, each vehicle goes through a rigorous 46-point check by certified engineers before hitting store shelves. Moreover, for your convenience, this company also boasts a wide network of exclusive sales and service outlets across India.
Hyundai Motor India Limited (Hyundai Motor Company)
Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) has been a pioneering automotive producer since 1996. As the wholly-owned subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Company and India’s premier smart mobility solutions provider, HMIL is devoted to providing superior quality cars for all drivers. From SUVs and sedans to electric vehicles, their expansive lineup guarantees that each voyage will be comfortable and exciting, regardless of your preference. HMIL’s commitment to innovation has allowed them to become a staple in the advanced manufacturing sector, with its multi-million dollar plant near Chennai and R&D facility in Hyderabad. Their presence is noteworthy within India and worldwide at 555 dealerships across 85 countries. Thanks to HMIL’s dedication, drivers everywhere now have access to reliable cars that set new standards for quality and intelligence.
JBM Auto Limited (JBM Group)
After its inception nearly four decades ago, JBM Auto Limited has become a worldwide industry leader. This is due to their headquarters in Gurugram, Haryana, and subsidiaries spanning ten countries around the globe. They are striving to make advancements within the automotive sector and delving deep into artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies. JBM Auto is a true innovator in public transportation, particularly through its low-emission and electric Bolt buses. By providing exceptional comfort, safety, affordability, and innovation while supporting communities with twenty-five thousand employees worldwide, they have set the bar high for modern transit systems. Their unwavering commitment to excellence makes them exemplary leaders in the industry and cannot be overlooked.
Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited (Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd)
At the forefront of innovative electric vehicle technology, Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited has been revolutionizing its industry since 1994. From Bangalore Karnataka, this company continues to be an example of environmental consciousness, prioritizing providing consumers with top-notch quality electric vehicles. Mahindra is your one-stop shop for all your transportation needs – from sedans to three-wheelers, passenger vans to cargo vans, and even electric rickshaws. But they don’t stop there; with their modern technologies and mobility solutions, they are leading the charge in global efforts toward environmental sustainability. So why wait? Browse Mahindra’s wide range of selections today – you’re sure to find something that meets your specific requirements!
MG Motor India Pvt Ltd (SAIC Motor Corporation Limited)
Since its founding in 2017, MG Motor India Pvt Ltd has swiftly become a prime automotive maker in India and part of the Chinese car giant SAIC Motor. Based out of Gurugram, Haryana, the company has been making waves by introducing an array of affluent SUVs and eco-friendly electric vehicles to the Indian market. MG Motor India’s dedication to delivering innovative and high-quality products and its commitment to superior customer service have made them a well-regarded brand nationwide. Their team of talented engineers is devoted to introducing new items that make driving more enjoyable while reducing our environmental impact – no wonder they’ve become one of the most successful car companies in India!
Tata Motors Limited (Tata Group)
Established in 1945, Tata Motors Limited has evolved significantly into a major player in the global automotive sector. Headquartered in Mumbai and part of the renowned Tata Group, they offer an immense selection of cars, SUVs, trucks, buses; defense vehicles; integrated solutions; powertrains; electric solutions; connected & autonomous vehicles – just to name a few! Tata Motors is on the cutting edge of innovation, boasting a staggering 8800+ touchpoints across 125 countries worldwide. It continuously reinvents itself with its pioneering R&D centers in the United Kingdom, Italy, India, and South Korea.


The automotive industry in India is a thriving and ever-expanding sector with an array of impressive companies at its helm. From JBM Auto Limited to MG Motor India Pvt Ltd, each one of these leaders is dedicated to creating reliable, safe, eco-friendly vehicles and offering superior customer service. Although they all specialize in different aspects of the industry, they share a common goal of delivering top-notch quality products while staying true to their commitment to environmental sustainability. As India’s automotive market continues to blossom and evolve, these established companies will surely be frontrunners in the country’s impressive automotive journey!

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